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CONFIGURING SCAN TO E-MAIL & Scan To Folder  On A Canon Copier Printer (MFP)

Basic Scan To Email (Gmail) Setup steps  (see step by step video)

First---Create a "Sender" (a specific gmail account for the copier or just use any existing gmail account.)
1.  Sign into gmail and click Account / Security / Two step verification and enable it by providing a phone #

if you decide you wish to use 2 step verification
2.  Go back to Account and in the search bar type App Password
3.  Select an App, select other , and name your App (example: Canon C5235) and click generate
4.  Record the 16 digit code you will enter into the copier. (Do not lose this code)
5. Connect to your Canon copier using your computer by typing the IP address of the copier in a browser.

(click the 123 button to display the Copier IP  or just go to Settings / Preferences / Network and print the report)
6. The IP address of copier opens the Web connection  Login with user name and password

7. Click on Settings Registration , under Function Settings click Send

8. Got to Network Settings / Select SMTP Server and enter smtp.gmail.com

Enter email address

Click on allow TLS

Click Use SMTP Authentication and enter email address again

Click change password and enter the 16 digit Google App password

Select Confirm TLS certificate and select Always Allow TLS

To set Port Settings Go to copier and touch the display button Settings Registration / Device Settings / Function Settings / Send / Email iFax settings / Specify Port Number for SMTP TX and enter Port# 465

The default user name for the administrator on a Canon Copier MFP  is "Administrator" and the default password is "7654321". As "Administrator," you can also change the current default password to improve the security, but if you do, don't lose the new password.

Scan To PC Folder on a Canon Copier

(See video to the right)