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RicohCopier MFP Scan To Shared Folder SMB Setup Tips

Ricoh​ Copier MFP Scan To Email Setup Tips

Step 1. Get the following:

SMTP server address  (ie. smtp.gmail.com)

SMTP port number

Email address and password to be used for scan to email

DNS server

IP address of the copier/MFP

Step 2. Open Chrome or any browser and enter IP address of the copier. On the copiers webpage interface go to login and login as administrator. (login username admin password blank)

If necessary, you can reset the admin password word in special SP mode as follows:
Reset, 1,4,3 press C then hold C (not 806182)
Once in special SP mode, go to SP direct 5-846-046

This will rest the Admin password to default (admin & password blank)
it will however clear the address book, if you need this information back it up first in SP mode SP5-846-051 put your SD card in slot 2 (service slot)

Step 3.​ Go to Device Management>Configuration and setup the following:

Go to Network>IPV4 and set dns server (auto obtain it, then set it to manual)

If using gmail set DNS servers to 8.8.8. and

Step 4. Go to Device Settings>Email

Enter a good admin email address

Turn reception pop3 off

Use SMTP server name (ie. smtp.gmail.com)

Enable: Use Secure Connection (SSL) & SMTP Authentication

Use port 587 (or 465)

Enter SMTP Auth. Email Address and change password

Step 5. Go to device management>store address and setup the scan to email for each user.