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Konica Minolta Bizhub C224e / C284e / C364e / C454e C554e / C654e C754e series Error Codes

Document feeder problem & Original left on glass message error or detecting 11x17 size with no paper error.

This very very common error is often resolved by cleaning the underside of the glass.

Also, Make sure the DF is square on the scanner bed. If the magnet on the DF

doesn't line up with the reed switch under the front scanner cover it will

not clear the original on glass message.

Duplex / 2 sided /double sided copies jamming at exit.

Another extremely common issue. The fix for these jams is almost always setting

the fuser warmup mode in service mode to mode 3 and reducing temp settings by

-5 degrees. This eliminates the paper curl which causes those jams.

C-0002 code - Paper Feed communication error. 

C-0106 code - Tray 3/LCT feed motor abnormal timing

C-0107 code - Tray 3/LCT vertical transport motor abnormal timing

C-0108 code - Tray 4 paper feed motor abnormal timing

C-0109 code - Tray 4 vertical transport motor abnormal timing

C-0202 code - Tray 1 lift failure (paper behind drawer?)

C-0204 code - Tray 2 lift failure (paper behind drawer?)

C-0206 code - Tray 3 lift failure (paper behind drawer?)

C-0208 code - Tray 4 lift failure ​(paper behind drawer?)

C-0210 code - LCT lift failure

C-0211 code - Manual feed tray lift failure (sticky solenoid or bad clutch)

C-0214 code - LCT shift error

C-1004 code - Finisher communication error

C-1081 code - SD communication error

C-1102 code - Finisher main tray up/down error

C-1103 code - Finisher alignment plate motor malfunction

C-1105 code - Bundle eject motor drive malfunction (FS-534 encoder wheels broken) 

C-1106 code - Stapler movement malfunction

C-1109 code - Stapler motor drive malfunction

C-1112 code - Stapler motor malfunction

C-1113 code - Center staple lead edge stopper motor malfunction

C-1114 code - Center staple front adjust drive motor malfunction

C-1115 code - Center staple knife drive motor malfunction

C-1132 code - Punch drive motor malfunction

C-1140 code - Alignment plate motor Rr's malfunction

C-1141 code - Paddle motor drive malfunction

C-1144 code - Pre eject drive motor malfunction

C-1145 code - Trailing edge stopper motor malfunction

C-1156 code - Center staple paddle roller motor malfunction

C-1182 code - Shift motor drive malfunction

C-1184 code - Paper discharge control motor malfunction

C-1195 code - Paper discharge control motor malfunction

C-1196 code - Center fold roller malfunction

C-1197 code - Tri folding guide motor malfunction

C-11A1 code - Exit roller pressure/retraction malfunction

C-11A2 code - Accommodation roller pressure/retraction malfunction

C-11E1 code - Paper exit switching drive malfunction

C-1402 code - FS non volatile memory error

C-2152 code - Transfer belt pressure welding alienation error ​(ICP3,or blocked / dirty sensor, or clutch)

C-2253 code - PC motor failure to turn

C-2254 code - PC motor abnormal timing

C-2255 code - Developer motor failure to turn

C-2256 code - Developer motor abnormal timing

C-2355 code - Transfer belt cleaner cooling fan motor

C-2411 code - Developer unit C new article release error

C-2412 code - Developer unit M new article release error

C-2413 code - Developer unit Y new article release error

C-2414 code - Developer unit K new article release error

C-2551 code - Abnormally low toner density Cyan TCR sensor

C-2552 code - Abnormally high toner density Cyan TCR sensor

C-2553 code - Abnormally low toner density Magenta TCR sensor

C-2554 code - Abnormally high toner density Magenta TCR sensor

C-2555 code - Abnormally low toner density Yellow TCR sensor

C-2556 code - Abnormally high toner density Yellow TCR sensor

C-2557 code - Abnormally low toner density Black TCR sensor

C-2558 code - Abnormally high toner density Black TCR sensor

C-2559 code - Cyan TCR sensor adjustment failure

C-255A code - Magenta TCR sensor adjustment failure

C-255B code - Yellow TCR sensor adjustment failure

C-255C code - Black TCR sensor adjustment failure

C-2561 code - Cyan TCR sensor failure

C-2562 code - Magenta TCR sensor failure

C-2563 code - Yellow TCR sensor failure

C-2564 code - Black TCR sensor failure

C-2650 code - Main backup media access error

C-2A11 code - Drum unit C new release failure

C-2A12 code - Drum unit M new release failure

C-2A13 code - Drum unit Y new release failure

C-2A14 code - Drum unit K new release failure

C-3101 code - Fusing roller separation failure

C-3201 code - Fuser motor failure to turn

C-3202 code - Fuser motor abnormal timing

C-3302 code - Paper cooling fan motor

C-3425 code - Fuser warmup trouble

C-3722 code - Fuser abnormal high temp detection (edge of the heating side)

C-3725 code - Fusing abnormal high temp (main of the heating side)

C-3726 code - Fuser abnormal high temp detection (center of heating side)

C-3825 code - Fuser abnormal low temp detection (main of heating roller)

C-3826 code - Fuser abnormal low temp detection (center of heating roller)

C-3922 code - Fuser sensor wire breaks detection (edge of heating roller)

C-3925 code - Fuser sensor wire breaks detection (center of heating roller)

C-3926 code - Fuser sensor wire breaks detection (middle of heating roller)

C-4091 code - Communication error between the MFPB and PCRB (bad  board or flat cable between boards or reset with ssd firmware  reset tool may fix issue)

C-4101 code - Polygon motor rotation error

C-4501 code - Laser malfunction (sometimes disconnecting  ADF  and do trouble reset works then redo Doc feeder setup)

C-4801 code - Main unit board failure

C-4802 code - Main unit backup data miscompare

C-5102 code - Transport motor failure to turn

C-5103 code - Transport motor abnormal timing

C-5351 code - Power supply cooling fan motor failure

C-5354 code - Ozone filter fan motor failure

C-5355 code - Toner bottle cooling fan failure

C-5370 code - Rear side cooling fan failure

C-5372 code - MFP control board CPU temp failure

C-5501 code - AC abnormality. Check fuser connection

C-5601 code - Engine control malfunction

C-6001 code - DF related configuration error 1

C-6002 code - DF related configuration error 2

C-6102 code - Drive System Home Sensor Malfunction

C-6103 code - Slider over running

C-6104 code - Backside cleaning home sensor abnormality (initial)

C-6105 code - Backside cleaning home sensor abnormality (normal)

C-6704 code - Image data failure from scanner to MFP board

C-6751 code - CCD clamp / gain adjustment failure

C-6752 code - ASIC clock input error front side

C-6753 code - ASIC clock input error back side

C-6754 code - CIS clamp adjust failure

C-6755 code - CIS gain adjust failure

C-6756 code - CCD power supply voltage malfunction

C-6901 code - DSC board mount failure 1

C-6902 code - DSC board bus check NG1-1

C-6903 code - DSC board bus check NG1-2

C-6911 code - DSC board mount failure 2

C-6912 code - DSC board bus check NG2-1

C-6913 code - DSC board bus check NG2-2

C-6F01 code - Scanner sequence trouble 1

C-8101 code - Before reading pressure welding alienation mechanism

C-8103 code - ADF lift up mechanism failure (upward movement)

C-8106 code ​- ADF lift up mechanism failure (downward movement)

C-8107 code - Glass cleaning mechanism failure. You can disable it thru System 2>ADF scan glass contamin.set>select not set

C-8302 code - DF cooling fan motor

C-9401 code - Exposure LED lighting failure ​(usually replacing the CCD fixes this)

C-9402 code - Exposure LED lighting abnormality

C-9403 code -  CIS LED lighting failure ​(With a DF-701 Almost always is  the black data cable connecting the 2nd side CIS to the DSIPB) 

C-9404 code - CIS LED lighting abnormality (Start with a FW upgrade to see if code resolves before ordering parts)

C-A051 code - Standard controller configuration error

C-A052 code - Controller hardware error

C-A053 code - Controller start failure

C-B001 code thru C-B009 code - Fax board error 

C-B120 code thru C-B196 code - Controller error

C-C001 code -  Vendor connection failure

C-C151 code thru C-C165 code -  ROM contents error

C-D004 code thru C-D047 code - HDD hard disk error

C-D012 code - Bad HDD,SSD board, MFP board communication errors. Update firmware and format the hard drive.

C-D390 code - NVRAM error/corrupt (message is only normal after using reset tool until "Restore" reloads data from the SSD to the MFP board) 

C-E301 code - SSD  or MFP board failure. But many times it is just related to a problem processing a print job.

C-FA14 code - Bad MFP board , Bad or missing Hard drive, bad memory , or print job.  Replace the hard drive or - You can try to disable HDD , unplug HDD sata cable , restart machine. While machine is on go into service mode - plug in sata cable back in , and do complete physical and then logical format. Sometimes helps to repeat this and format it again.

The 0X9CE1 error code - Possible bad pwr supply or bad wall voltage. 

The most recent version of Konica Firmware should be tried first as it often resolves the issue.

Trouble reset procedure​  (works on  the 4 and 8 series)

Turn power off inside front door

Power on holding the yellow reset button until you see black dot in top right corner of the display. Then release the reset button. 

Should now be reset. Power of and on again.

Or , System 1>initialization>error reset (on the bottom)

Default C224e series admin password

usually 12345678 12345678

but sometimes it has been shortened to just 12345678 

Konica      L Codes    P Codes    D Codes     S Codes

L-1 code     Life code Cyan drum 

L-2 code     Life code Magenta drum

L-3 code     Life code Yellow drum

L-4 code     Life code K drum

L-5 code     Life code ITB unit

​L-6 code     Life code developer

​L-7 code     Life code ozone filter

L-8 code     ​Life code Paper dust remover unit

L-9 code     Life code developer unit rotation

L-10 code   ​Life code Transfer Roller unit

​L-11 code​   Life code Fuser unit rotation

S-1 code      CCD Gain Adjustment Failure

S-2 code      CIS Gain Adjustment Failure

D-1 code     Split Line Detect Front Side  (clean stain on glass) or you can turn it off in service mode >system 2>Adf scan glass contamination set.

D-3 code     Split Line Detect Back Side  (clean stain on glass)

P-5 code      IDC Sensor / Fr Failure

P-6 code      Drum/Development unit C Failure

P-7 code      Drum/Development unit M Failure

P-8 code      Drum/Development unit Y Failure

P-9 code      Drum/Development unit K Failure

P-14 code    Skew Correction Trouble

P-16 code    PC Charge Cleaning Trouble 1

P-18 code    PC Charge Cleaning Trouble 2

P-21 code    Color Registration Test Pattern Failure

P-22 code    Color Registration Adjust Failure

P-27 code    Secondary Transfer ATVC Failure

P-28 code    IDC Sensor / Rr Failure

P-31 code    Encoder Sensor Malfunction

P-32 code    Heating Roller Temperature Sensor Detection Failure

P-33 code    LD Malfunction (possible bad PH unit)

Unable to connect to authentication device error.   Enter service mode and then hit Stop 9  and go to Management function choice. Then select unset and end.